Anita Mwashi Reel-9029Hey there friends,

I know that my consistency is wanting but bear with me because lately I have been super busy and yet learning that as life continues, there will be different stages which means even more responsibilities so no excuses allowed because the truth is that we will never have enough time but I have to learn to create time which concludes that I have to learn to sacrifice. Though things are easier said than done. So dear reader, will you be my accountability partner? I know you will. Thanks. Ha!

Just a random question, Have you ever been asked those reflective questions that make you think about your life and what you have been doing with your life? An example of such a question may be ‘what is your inspiration for doing this and that?’(definitely the question is based on whatever you do e.g blogging). Personally,  I have been asked that queston by two different people at different times definitely and the first time I was asked that question I literally ran away from the person and the question too. As much as I ran away, this question was still bothering me, for a while though and then apparently I forgot about it.

Then recently someone else asked me the same question and I was wondering what to tell them because this time I could not run away. This person had no hurry it seemed (lol) waiting for an answer and all I said was that I did not know how to answer the question which was very honest of me. So I was told, whenever I am asked that question, I should create a problem that has never been there and just fix things and vualah, I will have answered the question. Come to think of it, that is very true but have I seen any error in the fashion blogging world? Oh yes I have! But is that really the reason that I am blogging? Is my reason to make a change in the fashion world at large? I don’t think so. So this gives me a challenge the more because we are created to be problem solvers and make an impact in whatever field we are.

So what would I say is my inspiration really? My passion for fashion. It may sound cliché but that is just it. I really loved the idea that one can share their style with the world through blogging though I am not so much of a writer. This was my reason I started one and seeing how others pulled through-the likes of Sharon MundiaJoy KendiNancie MwaiSilvia Njoki  and many more have really contributed too. Seeing their first posts on social media and how they started as they blogged one can say that they have really grown which is definitely been my motivating factor. They had humble beginnings and looking at them now, we can see and say as well that there has been major change. I remember when starting mine  I didn’t even know how to start one I had to ask someone who knew how to, so I was helped out and this is where I am now [talking as if I have made it(lol)]. I am not saying that I have made it really but what I mean is that I do not have to start with everything but as long as the vision is there, then resources will follow.

Challenge to me. What is my inspiration apart from my passion? I gotta figure that one out. Dear reader, what is your inspiration in whatever field you are in?  You can always share and let us know because this would encourage us. Once we figure this out, then this will help us become even better people in the society. Don’t you think so?

Till next time!

Anita Mwashi Reel-9024

Thanks for your time loves.

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