Happy new month loves,

Are you as positive and expectant  about this month as I am? I hope you are. Apparently there are many things to do this month and just remembered that this is the only month left then I open school.;-(

Anyway, so recently my friend and I had a photo shoot  with one of the amazing photographers I know. You can check out his work here and see for yourself. We wanted to have this for so long and finally we did. You don’t want to know how much stress we had just to figure out what to where. But, we decided to pick out casual outfits more like our go-to outfits.

For my friend, Qui, she decided to go for her LBD (little black dess) which I love because I find it flattering on her. It kinda defines her waist because it is well-fitting on the bust area then goes on as a circular dress. Do we still say circular though? I don’t know but you know what I mean, right? Haha! Then since the dress is plain, she wore a statement neck piece. I actually do call her the queen of jewelry because she really does have nice pieces. She is the kind when shopping she does consider what kind of jewelry will go with her outfit but as for me, I do not even remember to wear jewelry most of the time. So now you see we why we need such friends, ha!

Now for me, I decided to put together very simple pieces, a white top with black detailing and acid wash jeggings . As you can see, it’s just easy breezy vibe, nothing much.





Qui’s look:

  • LBD- thrift
  • neck piece and bracelet – kamukunji/ dubois (not sure)
  • hair by Laika couture

My look:

Both of us:

MUA- feiyy_heho

photography by Donald Gregory

Thanks for your time.

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