dress: kendras fashion house

shoes: emirates shoe collection

make up: Miss Fly Makeup Artistry

photography: greg_complementpictures

Achoo!(excuse me) im trying to clean the dust and cobwebs here!  I know I know, its been a whiiiiiiillllee, but good news is that I’m finally here with another post and guess what guys? I finally landed myself a collaboration with an awesome brand, Kendras Fashion House. So for a moment let’s celebrate the good news and forget that I wasnt around for a while:-)


This red cowl neck bodycon midi dress is the bomb dot-com you guys. I literally love everything about this dress from the material of the dress because no one likes their bodycon dresses’ material too light and see-through as well. Am I saying it’s too heavy and cannot wear it during the day? NO! It’s perfect, good quality material and you can wear it at any time of the day.


I love the cowl neck as well because this gives the dress some life and plus it makes it wearable for this weather because it plays the role of a turtle neck and who wouldn’t want that especially now. You can dress the weather with this dress.

The last thing I would say about this dress is that you could literally wear it to any place. It just depends on how you decide to pair it. You could dress it up with some heels and jewellery or dress it down with some doll shoes and probably simple jewellery. You could tell me on the comment section how you guys would pair it as well or even what you would wear on top like a kimono, trench coat or whatever. You could tag ideas as well on my instagram.

Head on over to Kendras Fashion House and shop shop shop! The pieces are price friendly. You could get something cool and amazing this weekend. Enjoy your weekend and the photos as well!





15 thoughts on “THE RED COWL NECK

  1. That dress is great. I love the way the turtle neck detail serves to draw attention from the arms to the face and neck. I’d recommend it for any event especially a chilly afternoon in the office where you need to make a bold statement.
    I’ll love to see it paired with a Kimono.


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