Hi everyone,

It’s been a quite a while and guess what? I missed you all. This post is waaaaay waaay waay way overdue but oh well, let me just congratulate myself for the effort.

For this post we had something very simple but kinda-sorta matchy-matchy high-waisted skirts. For Qui(Wangui) she decided to go for a black and white stripped crop top and a statement neck piece (queen of jewellery) and I believe that looking at my previous post you can as well see that for yourself that jewellery and her are inseparable. As for me, I decided to have my long denim shirt since I am never rather barely comfortable in bodycon skirts or dresses without something long. So if anyone is always like me you can as well decide to wear it that way or even kimonos are an option. This reminds me that I do not own a kimono yet and I can’t wait to own one. Anyone feels so generous to lend me one? If you think you do, please slide to my DM and let’s talk about delivery nini ninis(lol). I had to finish this look with my very comfortable ngomas which give it a sportish feel but then again not really. All in all, comfort is the word for these whole look.

Before you enjoy the photos below, I have a quick question for you my dear reader. What do you wear, comfort or trend? As for me, its comfort. Your comment will be appreciated.





  • skirt,vest top and denim- thrifted
  • sunnies- mtindwa
  • shoes(ngomas)- bata
  • pendant- esmerize accessories

Both: make up and photography same as previous post.

Thanks for your time.

God bless.



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