photography by kandaa

dress ands shoes: diamond shopping mall

Hello hello hello. Oh my..where should i even start..should it be HAPPY NEW YEAR? Or HAPPY MADARAKA DAY that was a lil bit recent or HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all mothers out there as well as potential mothers? I do not even know where to start my people. Its been a while and I know yáll been wondering where I went to rather what happened to my blog. Well, I am here to testify and say that it’s here to stay rather I am here to stay or should we just ignore that part because point is I am back and hope that next time it will not take that much time for me to post. It took me almost a year to post this.

I think it would be courteous of me to first say  where I have been and what I have been doing. Sooo, lets just say that school happened and life happened as well hehe… but truth is, when I started blogging, I really did not think that it would demand that much time, creativity, money…should I repeat that…MONEY..Loooord…. yes! Should we even talk about how these photographers are expensive? Anyway but sooner than later Godwilling this will no longer be an issue.

Did I just mention a photographer? Kinda spilled the beans but anyway because I love you guys that much, I have decided to tell you guys about my “new way” of blogging. It is in quotes because it is not really new but it is different from the one that was before which was just simply writing. My reason for the change I will tell you on my next post so stay alert no wonder the name ‘NEW BLOG ALERT’  lol.

Thank you for being patient with me.

I love you all but remember that God loves you more.

A B C D E F G.


12 thoughts on “NEW BLOG ALERT

  1. Wow! Am excited already… I love how you’ve put your words together. It’s exciting and fun. Good grammar,minimal typos(if any that is 😊) I love!!


  2. Wow! I love how you’ve been able to put the words together making it fun and exciting to read. Good grammar, minimal typos(if any that is,, lol)…. Keep writing,.. Right behind you girl 🙂


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