Anita Mwashi Reel-8999

Photography by Felixie Laurens

dress: diamond shopping mall

shoes: gift

Helo lovelies! hope you are great because I am thanks to your support.:* Is it me or have you noticed the weather is bipolar lately here in Nairobi? It even makes it kinda hard to chose what to wear but Oh well, I guess its time we, rather I quite complaining about this wonderful weather and let’s dress the weather instead;)

Another dress? Oh yes! Another dress because me and dresses are in a SERIOUS relationship. Ha! Crazy right? Actually I believe that my posts will be more about dresses than other outfits. Just kidding! I guess about my future posts eeerm… time will tell because this is fashion, you never know what there is in store for you, so keep hanging around this space.

Anyway, back to this simple black velvet dress which in my opinion is still perfect for this weather is what I would consider my go-to outfit for those days I have no time to pick on what to wear yet still want to look great. What I love about it is its simplicity and the detailing around the neckline which definitely gives it a fancy feel/vibe. Then to complete the look, I had to put on my heels which I would say are comfortable. Trust me if I can say they are comfortable, they really are! Aaaand if you want to, you can add a skinny belt for two reasons: to break the monotony and to have a more defined waist and I believe the latter would be your main reason ladies. Ha! I see you. You don’t want to know where mine(belt) was? Same old story! Those who have read my previous post know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, don’t worry, I have got you sorted. You can click here to see it.:)

So I would suggest this look to a simple dinner date and to church too. Where else would you suggest this simple but elegant look to? You can write your suggestions below but before that, enjoy.

Anita Mwashi Reel-9055Anita Mwashi Reel-9052Anita Mwashi Reel-9040Anita Mwashi Reel-9054Anita Mwashi Reel-9031Anita Mwashi Reel-8979Anita Mwashi Reel-8986Anita Mwashi Reel-9056

Thanks so much for your time. I love you but God loves you more.

Till next time.

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Anita Mwashi Reel-8902

Photography by felixielaurens

dress and shoes: stall in umoja

stockings: thirft

midrings by esmerizeaccessories

Hey yáll, hoping your week has been great or even greater than mine despite the cold rainy weather in Nairobi or is it like this in every part of this country( Kenya)? We will only know this if we share this post all over and get comments from every county to get the answers ryh?hehe. Anyways, as you can see, I am trynna keep up with my posting and this is a proof, isn’t it? Yeah… I know.(I had to answer myself.hehe)

Sooooo for those who have been in this space remember that in my previous post which just incase you missed out is HERE, I had said that I would tell you my reason for changing my way of blogging and so what made me change it was that I realised that having images of my personal style would be a much better way of conveying my message rather than just talking about it and more so, don’t just photos bring life?

Can we now talk about this dress? I love, love, looove this dress and everything about it because one, it is a skater dress. This dresses bring out the chic look and feel and my opinion is that they should be a ‘must-have’ in a lady’s closet. My other reason is the pattern and color on this dress. There is just something about the two that makes this dress to die for. Need I say more?

Funny thing is that i do pair this outfit the exact the same way normally so this is not just a photoshoot thing. Yes…from the stockings, to the doll shoes though sad thing is that i forgot my black slim belt on that day which is necessary to break the monotony of the color and you can as well wear something on top that suites you and is still stylish just incase the weather does not allow you to free your arms like the weather today. But otherwise do enjoy the rest of the photos and i will keep you posted for the next one. SO DO NOT CLOSE THIS TAB 🙂Anita Mwashi Reel-8947Anita Mwashi Reel-8968Anita Mwashi Reel-8975Anita Mwashi Reel-8918

Thanks for your time.

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photography by kandaa

dress ands shoes: diamond shopping mall

Hello hello hello. Oh my..where should i even start..should it be HAPPY NEW YEAR? Or HAPPY MADARAKA DAY that was a lil bit recent or HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all mothers out there as well as potential mothers? I do not even know where to start my people. Its been a while and I know yáll been wondering where I went to rather what happened to my blog. Well, I am here to testify and say that it’s here to stay rather I am here to stay or should we just ignore that part because point is I am back and hope that next time it will not take that much time for me to post. It took me almost a year to post this.

I think it would be courteous of me to first say  where I have been and what I have been doing. Sooo, lets just say that school happened and life happened as well hehe… but truth is, when I started blogging, I really did not think that it would demand that much time, creativity, money…should I repeat that…MONEY..Loooord…. yes! Should we even talk about how these photographers are expensive? Anyway but sooner than later Godwilling this will no longer be an issue.

Did I just mention a photographer? Kinda spilled the beans but anyway because I love you guys that much, I have decided to tell you guys about my “new way” of blogging. It is in quotes because it is not really new but it is different from the one that was before which was just simply writing. My reason for the change I will tell you on my next post so stay alert no wonder the name ‘NEW BLOG ALERT’  lol.

Thank you for being patient with me.

I love you all but remember that God loves you more.

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