that’s me

Hey there,I am back to do my emphasis again. Well, do you remember those days we used to wear our best clothes on Sundays and during occasions for example on Christmas and other special ones? Personally i do remember and i was a victim too. I had that mentality that one dresses well only on certain days until recently.

Anyway, I know you may be wondering what my point could be. My point is that we should change that mentality too for those who still have it. Times have changed and like one in a thousand (that’s a guess not a statistic) probably follow such staff. This is because now I  know that one needs not to wait for such days to look good.

Three reasons as to why one should look good everyday.

1. First impression matters.

You never know who you might meet up with and at times you never know what a day holds for you so its safer when you are ‘prepared’ if I may put it that way because no one ever wants to present themselves in a way they are not comfortable in. The way you dress and generally look will always tell what kind of person you are.

2. Looking good gives you confidence.

As simple as it is. There is this feeling one gets when looking good, sort of satisfaction. That is what is called confidence.

3. You deserve to look at your best.

If you were to forget everything about this post I would urge you not to forget this last point, that you deserve to look at your best.

Everything is simple today and does not need much explanation. With my previous post on what to know about dressing should help you pull through this. It’s not thaaaaat easy cause it easier said than done but we can do it together.

Your feedback will be appreciated.

God bless.


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