Having trouble in your dressing? Well folks, i know you’ve heard and read this over and over but i am here to emphasize that when dressing there at least a few things you should know.


Its called dressing your body. There are different types of body types we all know…we have the Pear shaped, Apple shaped, Hourglass shaped and Rectangular shaped. You can read all about that in the internet on different sites and you’ll know your body type that is if you don’t know yours. You may think it does not work but as i said i’m here to emphasize that sure it does work. Totally! You may find two people dressed totally the same but may receive different comments. This is because we are not the same. We are different and that difference is what makes us unique. Yeah, that’s the wonderful work of our Creator.

Dressing your body also reduces time wastage when shopping since you already know what to wear.


Know what you like and what you don’t like, what works for you and what doesn’t. This will help you know who you really are and reduce the identity crisis that’s there. We should see you in dressing and not someone else. Doesn’t mean you can’t copy someone elses’ style but what i am saying is that you can copy but what works for you.


What is the occasion? Are you going to the office? Is it a wedding? Is it a party? And if it is a party what kind of a party is it? and such things. Dress the occasion. NEVER EVER dress out of the occasion cause you will be out of place. Totally!

Knowing the occasion is not enough. Know if they have a theme and by theme i mean the dress code and if there is keep up with it.


Finally, confidence! Confidence is often seen and noted. If one wears that then you will be at your best.  A couple of compliments will come your way you can be sure of that. Doesn’t mean you don’t watch what you dress. The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 1:7 that God has not given us a spirit of fear and of timidity…so God also expects us to carry ourselves in a positive manner for we are not supposed to be timid. A little preaching was necessary.

Well, i hope at least a soul reads this. Your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. God bless.


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